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Sesame Seed Pork & Parmesan Sandwiches

Prep Time:

10 Min.

Cook Time:

20 Min.

Total Time:

30 Min.



A recipe that the whole famiglia can enjoy! A great summer option, that can be enjoyed all year long, especially when you are in the mood for a twist on the classic parm sandwich!


  • 2 Slices D’Italiano® Sesame Seed Bread
  • 250g (1/2 lbs.) Ground pork
  • 1 Zucchini (green, yellow or heirloom)
  • 15ml (1 tbsp.) Minced garlic
  • 90g (3 cups) Baby greens (lettuce mix, baby spinach, kale or arugula)
  • 60ml (4 tbsp.) Mayonnaise
  • 15ml (1 tbsp.) Balsamic vinegar
  • 170ml (3/4 cup) Marinated artichokes (jar)
  • 25g (1/4 cup) Shaved Parmesan
  • 2 cloves of garlic or 1 tbsp. garlic powder, ½ tsp salt, ½ an onion or 1 tbsp. onion powder, 1 tbsp. paprika, 2 tbsp. sunflower oil or olive oil, ½ tsp oregano, ½ tsp thyme Meat & Greet spices

How to make

  • Heat your pan spraying with a bit of oil to prevent sticking. Place 2 tbsp. butter in a small bowl and leave to let it soften to room temperature. Cut zucchini into ¼ inch rounds on an angle. Reserve the marinade and drain the artichokes from the jar, patting dry with a paper towel. Roughly chop ½ and quarter the remaining ½. In a second small bowl, combine the mayo, chopped artichokes with S&P.
  • In a large bowl, combine the pork, spices, ½ the garlic and form 2 patties. In a medium bowl, combine the zucchini, 1 tbsp. of the reserved marinade, the remaining garlic with S&P.
  • Place the patties and zucchini into the pan, cooking for 3 to 5 minutes per side or, until cooked through. Transfer to a plate and reserve the pan
  • Heat the bread slices in the reserved grill pan, until golden brown. Transfer to a plate and spread with the softened butter.
  • In a second bowl, combine 1 tbsp. of the remaining marinade, 2 tbsp. olive oil , the vinegar and S&P. Add the quartered artichokes, ½ the cheese and all but a handful of the baby greens; toss well.
  • Spread bread slices with the artichoke mayo, pork, zucchini, and the remaining baby greens and cheese. Serve the salad and any remaining zucchini on the side.