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Bruschetta Burgers

Prep Time:

10 Min.

Cook Time:

25 Min.

Total Time:

35 Min.




  • 4 D’Italiano® Original Crustini Buns
  • 510g (1.1 lbs.) Ground beef
  • 90g (1 cup) Radishes (or French radishes)
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • 1 Shallot (or onion)
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 1 Head of lettuce
  • 120ml (8 tbsp.) Mayonnaise
  • 30ml (3 tbsp.) Balsamic vinegar
  • Olive Branch spices 2 cloves of garlic, ½ a red bell pepper, 6 dried black olives, 1 tsp basil, ½ tsp of dried oregano, ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp of parsley, the juice of
  • ½ a lemon, 2 tbsp. of sunflower oil or olive oil, and ½ tsp black pepper

How to make

  • Pre-heat your BBQ, making sure to oil the grill first to prevent sticking. Halve, peel and mince the shallot and garlic and dice the tomatoes. In a large bowl, combine the beef, ½ the garlic, ½ the shallot, ⅔ of the spices and S&P. Form 4 patties.
  • Grill the patties* on the BBQ (on medium or high) for, 3 to 5 min. or until cooked through.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the tomatoes, 1 tsp of the vinegar, the remaining shallot, a generous drizzle of olive oil, remaining spices, and S&P.
  • In a separate salad bowl, tear the lettuce leaves, and cut radishes into ½-inch wedges. In a small bowl, combine the remaining vinegar, 3 tbsp. olive oil and S&P. Add the lettuce, and radishes; and toss well. In a small bowl, combine the mayo, and remaining garlic with S&P.
  • Grill the hamburger buns with a little bit of oil, or toast until golden brown. Transfer to a plate and keep warm.
  • Divide the buns between your plates and spread with the aioli. Top each bun with a patty and the bruschetta. Serve the salad on the side.